Extra Time with NTU Pub Sports

Dominic Simms and James Knuckey chat to NTU Pub Sports about their year.


  1. Ruhi says:

    Great article to read and very Nice tips.

  2. Ranjith says:

    Fred>>It took centuries for Singapore to attian that unique identity of a proud (at times too proud for my liking!) multi-racial and cultural,Singapore citizenry.>>Me:I think Malaysians are doing quite well as far as national identity is concerned.I remember years ago, whenever my fellow Singaporean colleagues poked fun at Malaysia, it was the Malaysians (Chinese and Indians) who told them off. If there’s any Sinkie Chinese who thinks that the Malaysian Chinese are gonna back Sinkie up in a Msia-Spore dispute, those Sinkies are dead wrong.

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