What is Trent TV and what do they do?

Trent TV is the official television station of Nottingham Trent’s Student Union. We create programmes and videos for many different genres – including News, Entertainment, Music and Sport – which will then be uploaded to our YouTube page. We create a wide array of content – from interviews with well known bands to student news programmes to sports updates – we cover it. Check out our videos on our YouTube or on this website to get a better idea of the content we create

How do I get involved with Trent TV?

Getting involved is easy. Firstly, you must join the Trent TV society via the SU Website in order to become an official member. New NTSU guidelines for 2015/2016 state that all new societies must charge a small fee to people to become part of a society and this money will be put back into Trent TV and help towards buying equipment and setting up events. Once you have become part of the society via the SU website, you will then be able to join the Facebook group, where we will be posting all the latest opportunities available to Trent TV members – namely presenting, interviewing, acting, writing, camera operating, helping run the studio or being a runner.

How much will it cost to join Trent TV for the academic year?

It will only be a small amount which will be decided before the end of the summer holidays.

Where is Trent TV based?

Although we don’t have an official office, you can normally find Trent TV members in the SU Media Hub or in the Centre of Broadcasting and Journalism (opposite Newton Building on City Campus).

Do I have to be on a Nottingham Trent journalism or media course to join Trent TV?

Not at all! Trent TV is open to anyone who is a current or alumni student at Nottingham Trent University and also pupils at New College Nottingham. No matter if you’re a Maths, Biology, Business & Marketing, Zoology, Dentistry (the list goes on…) student then you’re welcome to join. Even if you have no experience of TV, we have a committee of members who are willing to help anyone who wants to get involved.

When can I join?

Any time you want. Most of our members join at the start of the academic year following our annual introduction meeting when we explain everything about Trent TV. However, if you contact the Station Manager directly or via facebook or email, you’ll be guided through the steps you need to complete in order to join Trent TV.

When will the annual introduction meeting be?

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but it will definitely be in mid/late October 2015.

Is Trent TV similar to Notts TV?

No. The two are completely separate. Trent TV is run by students, represents the Nottingham Trent Student Union and is a non-profit organisation, whilst Notts TV is channel on freeview which is ran by paid members who aren’t Nottingham Trent students. Whilst Notts TV is based in Nottingham Trent University, the two share no similarities, apart from having ‘TV’ in their name.

Once I join, can I become a presenter straight away?

No. Everyone who joins Trent TV starts on a level playing field no matter what previous experience they have. Everyone who has ever worked at Trent TV started as runner, a role that involves helping other members and learning whilst on the job. Once you have adequate running experience  – which will be tracked by the Station Manager and Deputy Station Manager – and know how to use a camera, you will progress to become a camera operator. All presenters also know how to operate cameras since they are looked up to for help and advice by the rest of the team. Once you have enough experience as a camera person and runner, you will then be given opportunities to present. It may take several months to build up enough experience to become a presenter but it is a rewarding process.

What cameras do Trent TV use to film?

Panasonic AG-AC90s. Trent TV currently only owns one of these cameras, so a majority that we use for filming are rented to us by the university for free.

Most people in Trent TV seem to know each other well. Will I fit in?

Yes. Everyone at Trent TV is sociable and you will get to know the committee and other team members throughout the year by putting yourself forward for different opportunities and attending socials. Everyone on the committee is approachable if you have any questions for them or want any advice – don’t be shy!

I have an idea for a show – how do I go about creating it?

You can submit show ideas via the Show Idea application (quite a creative name, don’t you think?). Once you have submitted an idea, the Trent TV Committee will then discuss whether it is something that we would like to include in our station’s output. If it is accepted, we can help to develop your show and give you the resources you need.

My question hasn’t been answered.

For all other queries, please contact the Station Manager – billy.taylor@trent-tv.com