Trent TV hosted their 2015 live Freshers Show between 28th September and 2nd October, entitled Trent On Toast. If you want to relive the drama of the live episodes, take a look at the links below.

MONDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER – EPISODE 1: featuring live performances from Trent Tigers and Amulet (Joe & Mike), along with packages about the Top Tips For Freshers, Moving In Day, highlights from the Varsity Ice Hockey and Summer Festivals, what Notts singer Georgie has for breakfast and an episode of Talent Spot.

TUESDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER – EPISODE 2: featuring live interview with Dean Gillen and performance from Richard Jenkins, along with packages about the first Freshers night of the year, the role of VP Sport, a Trent TV Promo, what Ferocious Dog have for breakfast and an episode of Street Style.

WEDNESDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER – EPISODE 3: featuring live performances from NTU Netball and Jonny Olley, along with packages about Joe Buckland – a professional ice skater, Evie Collier – an highly rated NTU table tennis player and what Joy Mumford has for breakfast.

THURSDAY 1ST OCTOBER – EPISODE 4: featuring live performances from Trent Dance and Jamie Beau, along with packages about Planet Bounce, the best places to go to gigs in Nottingham and what Cereal Killer Cafe prefer for their breakfast.

FRIDAY 2ND OCTOBER – EPISODE 5: featuring live performances from NTU Darts and Kalli Ashton, along with packages about what happened in Varsity last year, what Joe Frann (Youth Club) prefers for breakfast and a new episode of Talent Spot.