So you have an idea for a Trent TV show, and you think it’s pretty darn good? Well why not get the ball rolling into making that idea a reality!

All show ideas go through a process whereby different members of the Trent TV Committee look at the idea, help mould it into a workable Trent TV show and accept or reject the idea. The first stage is for ideas to go through the relevant ‘Head of’, and if they like your idea – they will pass it onto the Station Manager or Deputy Station Managers. If it gets accepted, the relevant ‘Head of’ and our Head of Production will help make your idea a reality. If it gets rejected, please don’t be disheartened – it just means we don’t think your particular idea will work for us. There may be a case where we work with you to change your idea slightly, but all of this will be in negotiation with you.

So now what? Fill in the form below in as much detail as possible, and press Submit – and we’ll get back to you!

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