Trent TV take part in the annual National Student TV Awards against all student TV stations nationally. Since we started submitting entries for the awards, we have won many times:


National Student Television Awards 2015

Best News & Current Affairs - Winner: Trent TV News

Best Ident - Highly Commended

Best Station Marketing - Highly Commended

Best Sport - Highly Commended

Best Light Entertainment - Highly Commended (jointly won with NSTV): The Panel


National Student Television Awards 2014

Best News & Current Affairs - Highly Commended: Trent TV News

Best Freshers Coverage - Highly Commended 

Best Ident - Winner

Best Station Marketing - Winner


National Student Television Awards 2013

Best Freshers Coverage - Winner: Good Morning NTU

Best Station Marketing - Winner

Best Title Sequence - Highly Commended: Varsity Ice Hockey Live 2013


National Student Television Awards 2012

Best Music - Winner: Trent TV Base

Best Sport - Winner: Varsity Ice Hockey Live

Best News & Current Affairs - Highly Commended: Trent TV News


National Student Television Awards 2011

Best News & Current Affairs - Winner: Trent TV News

NaSTA 2015 Award Winning Entries