Below is the current Trent TV committee for this year and archives of previous Trent TV committees who have led the station to where it is today. There are six main departments – News, Sport, Entertainment, Music, Marketing and Design. Should you want to get in contact with any department or members of personnel, please use the details below.


Trent TV Committee 2015-2016

Station Manager: Billy Taylor

Deputy Station Manager/Treasurer: Tommy Taylor

Deputy Station Manager/Head of Production: Joshua Taylor

Head of News: Alice Scott

Assistant Head of News: Anthony Sinclair

Head of Music: Sofia Sinnott-Montero

Assistant Head of Music: Alice Dale

Head of Entertainment: Nii Larte-Lartey

Assistant Head of Entertainment: Creea Sharma

Head of Sport: Dominic Simms

Assistant Head of Sport: James Knuckey

Head of Marketing: Harley Baptiste

Assistant Head of Marketing: Daniel Mburu

Head of Design: Ellie Moss

Assistant Head of Design: Ben Alexander


Trent TV Committee 2014-2015

Station Manager: Becca Avill

Deputy Station Manager: Charlotte Helme

Deputy Station Manager/Treasurer: Tommy Taylor

Head of Production: Joshua Taylor

Head of Entertainment: Sofia Sinnott-Montero

Assistant Head of Entertainment: Joe Morgan

Head of News: Billy Taylor

Assistant Head of News: Laura Clarke

Head of Sport: Dominic Simms

Assistant Head of Sport: Ryan Beake

Head of Music: Lydia Meredith

Assistant Head of Music: Mark Spencer

Head of Design: Aaron Kelwick

Head of Marketing: Fiona McKeith

Assistant Head of Marketing: Andrew Adega


Trent TV Committee 2013-2014

Station Manager: Tom Price

Deputy Station Manager/Head of Production: Luke Dolan

Deputy Station Manager: Joey Green

Head of Entertainment: Laura Hough

Assistant Head of Entertainment: Andrew Cowper

Head of News: Daniel Skipp

Assistant Head of News: Jemma Hall

Head of Sport: Polly Bayfield

Assistant Head of Sport: Matt Nicholson

Head of Music: Becca Avill

Assistant Head of Music: Jess Edwards

Head of Design: Dale Fallows

Head of Marketing: Emma Hubbard

Assistant Head of Marketing: Charlotte Helme


Trent TV Committee 2012-2013

Station Manager: Christian Hewgill

Deputy Station Manager: Alex Griffiths

Deputy Station Manager: Daniel Skipp

Head of Production & Content: Ben Jones

Assistant Head of Production & Content: Adam Roberts

Head of Entertainment: Paige Haydon

Head of Entertainment: Tom Price

Head of Sport: Dan Waterfield

Assistant Head of Sport: Rosie Hunter

Head of News: Tom Phipps

Assistant Head of News: Tom Waddingham

Head of Music: Rory Avery

Head of Design: Tom Gould

Assistant Head of Design: Michael Donovan

Head of Marketing and Recruitment: Jack Maiden

Head of Online: Simon Cottington

Social Secretary: Laurence White


Trent TV Committee 2011-2012

Station Manager: Tom Ross

Deputy Station Manager: James Cutts